Top 10 Skills to Master Your Grill (LifeHacker) —

Life hacker made a great article on Grill Technique.. one in particular I like is how to tell whats Rare from what is Well Done:


Unless you’ve got a serious instant-read thermometer, it’s a pain to keep stabbing your meal-to-be, or, even worse, cut it open, to determine just when it’s just at the edge of safe to eat. Skip the torture and use your hands. By touching your thumb to each of your fingers, and then pressing on your thumb muscle as it changes firmness, you’ll get an idea of how your steak should feel, moving from rare to well done as your thumb muscle moves from your index to your pinky finger. Whole chickens are a similar matter of intuitive touch, or, actually, a twist of the chicken leg. If the leg won’t move, it’s not quite ready—you want there to be a slight amount of tension, and then feel the joints release as you apply soft pressure.

The Rest of the Article is here: , Life hacker is probably one my favorite places to see interesting ideas.. if your not already visiting it often, you really should.

-T Diddy

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