Protecting yourself from Conficker —

And in general.. some very recent viruses that attack programs you use all the time.. it’s easy tho..

Step 1: Identify What you are using:  If you are running Windows XP or Vista you should patch, however.. if you are using a Haxed version of Windows (and you have that Genuine Advantage popup nag thing on your system) You either need to a. Upgrade your windows (and purchase a legal copy this time you dirty thief), or b. Install Linux. If you are using any OLDER version of Windows (2000, ME, NT, 98, 95) please.. please.. switch to linux. You are probably already infected with who knows what by now considering the fact that you might not have been able to update in some time.

Step 2: Check if you are infected! visit If you see all 6 images on the top portion of the page you are fine. If you see 3.. your infected. You should then download a removal tool on another PC and remove the virus. This is specifically for the Conficker work.. and if you “aren’t infected” it doesn’t mean you Can’t be infected.. continue reading!!

Step 3: Patching Windows; Even if you use Firefox, you will have to use Internet Explorer for this Task, as the site uses Active X. Visit and install any software it asks you to, it’s as safe as it’s going to get.  If it makes you reboot, do so, then revisit the update page until ALL of the patches have been downloaded and installed.

Step 4: If you already aren’t doing so.. please use FireFox as your web browser.. it’s just as good as IE and is far far more secure.

Step 5: Recently serious vulnerabilities have been found in the Flash player applications and in Adobe Reader. These can be upgraded by visiting

Step 6: Antivirus.. if you can’t afford one.. or yours is old.. There are Good Free Ones available. I use AVAST. you do have to register once a year, but that is also free.

As far as installing Linux to replace windows.. I’m on a campaign to do that for a few family members.. and in my opinion, it’s a safer and better alternative. I’ll write more about how to move over later.


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