Why “Normal” People don’t use Linux —

I love Linux.
I love BSD.
I love Open Source Software.

I love that last night, when I wanted to move my iPod from my Powerbook G4, to my Big Quad Core Linux Box, I had more than one choice of software to use with it..

I would love to see you, a regular non geeky person, benefit from the labor of love that is Open Source.

I recently read this article from ZDnet that thinks there are 4 little reasons why you aren’t already using the penguin. My answers are in Blue.

1. Inertia: it’s a lot of effort to change your ways and your system.
No normal user wants to reinstall Windows OR Linux.. so I understand this one.  You’re actually using windows on your PC now because of the simplest reason, someone like myself or the maker of the PC put it there.. So I say.. if you can’t change don’t.

2. Ignorance: people just don’t know about Free Open Source Software.
Well you probably don’t.  Most people don’t know that Windows and Microsoft Office costs money.. it boils down to Price and choice.  If your “buddy” is going to “hook you up” with a hot version of office, is that a better choice at home than a free legal alternative?  Windows software costs money, the developers that made that industry are from a time when all software required a license.. not everyone is so greedy.  Open Source means 2 things.  Free and Customizable.

3. Indifference: people just don’t care what flavour software they use, and why should they?
Why should you use Linux?

  • It’s mature. Linux has come a very very long way in the last 19 years.
  • It’s got choices no other OS has. Want a server os? There is a Linux for that. Want one made just for making music? There is one for that too. Want a Linux that just runs on a thumb drive and is able to Image Hard Drives and fix Drive partitions? Got that too. Want a replacement Desktop ? See where I’m going with this?
  • Most Linux have what amounts to an App Store. I use Linux Mint. Like most distributions it has a “Repository manager” you just pic your software, and click install. No CD’s. No Money.
  • Viruses & Spyware.  Two things you will not find in Linux. Most distributions have a built in Package Updater to install fixes to programs as they are found.
  • Other than useing *some* windows programs (by some you have to be specific here. Office does work with Linux, you just have to have help installing it. But why not use Open Office) , you can do just about anything you need in Linux.
  • Oh.. and it’s free. It’s not going anyplace.

4. Innovation: there is no show-stopping, gob-smacking, utterly compelling reason to use Linux.
I disagree.  I see plenty of Innovation with Linux, especially on the Server Side.   On the desktop side of things, thats mature technology.. is any other Modern OS delivering anything “Gob Smacking” ?

The article is right, the first one is a Doozy.. but the last 3 are moot points, and are really already solved.

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