Alternate Histories in Science Fiction —

I love SciFi, my father used to read tons of it and I think thats why I must love it so.   Not all the books you read are about wizards, scantily clad space women, or alien invasions.. some are just about the future.

There are 2 books I’ve read that are “What If” novels, both concerning the outcome of WWII, basically, they both ask “What if we didn’t win the war?”

Both take place in the 60’s

Fatherland (link) – Adolf Hitler is about to celebrate his 75th b-day, the 3rd Riech controls much of Europe and the US President Joe Kennedy will be meeting with him as the Holocaust is stumbled upon by a German beat cop.   This was made into a crappy movie in the 90’s, I’d advise reading the book tho.

The Man in the High Castle (link) – Written by Phillip K Dick who was just phenomenal at what he did.. this Alternate reality has WWII ending in 1948 the Nazi’s and Japanese pretty much dominate the globe and the US is split, Nazi’s on the East Coast, Japanese on the West.   The story has several intersecting story lines and it takes a while to get into it, but if your into alternate timeline, it’s really well thought out.

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