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You’ve Probably heard about people referring to “generations” of people, like that “Baby Boomers” or :Gen-X”. But do you know what that means or what it’s supposed to mean to you? Do you stand for your generation?  I’m only going to talk about Generations for those that you are probably in.

If you were Born between World War I and the mid-20’s you would be apart of “The Greatest Generation” – I can only assume the name has some link to WWI also being called “The Great War”,  or also it could have been that it would have been fighting in World War II.

The preceding Generation is sometimes reffered to as the “Silent Generation” a term coined in Time Magazine in 1951, it refers to people “too young to fight in WWII”  that would be mid 20’s to mid 40’s.   Considering that the name was coined when the tail end of the generation was very young.. and the world was putting itself back together again.. I really can’t say if this was a wise title.

The “Baby Boom” generation I’m sure you’ve heard of.  This refers to babies born after Soldiers in WWII and then later the Korean War came home. This generation would have been born someplace between 1946 and the mid-60’s, some people have said this was a population explosion in the US.   This generation is generally associated with the rejection of traditional values.. fun times 🙂 If you are my age, odds are these people are your parents.

My Generation is referred to as “Generation-X” also sometimes called the “13th generation” and it’s members are people born in the mid-60’s and the late 70’s.  If you are in your late 20’s to late 30’s.. you are Gen-X.  As the Boomer’s shaped the world we grew up in, Gen-X is shaping the world now.

After X is  “Generation-Y” the dates start overlapping here.. some people feel like the starting period for the this generation should pick up before the ending period for X, but anyhow.. it’s the late 70’s to late 90’s, If you grew up with emerging technology, and video games.. this is your generation. You probably have a very good grasp on how to use a

Believe or Not.. after Y is “Generation-Z” and in general are the children of Gen-X parents. This spans from mid-90’s to today.  These children won’t know a world without technology.  Many have single parents.

My folks are Boomers, I’m an X’er, my Wife is a Y, and my kids are all Z.. according to this anyhow.

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