Getting Video from a PC to a TV. —

devedeSo.. I have videos I want to move to a DVD.. some are downloaded some are from my Tivo.. in the past this was a Pain in the Arse to get done, and you had to use several programs to do it with.

I’ve recently started using a Program called DeVeDe for Linux, and let me say.. I’m in Heart with it.. I hear a program called DVDFlick also does somthing similar for Windows.. What it does is simple.. it makes DVD images for most video files, even weird ones.. like *.mkv’s.  It allows you to make DVD menus and in General it’s pretty simple and of course they are both Free..

If you’ve ever tried to do this on your own and you just wanted somthing that worked.. I’d suggest this as an alternative to converting.. and finding something to author the dvd with.

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