Thermaltake’s new spiffy case. —

So.. a week ago I suppose a friend at work showed me this case that Thermaltake is, one would hope, planning to sell.

thermaltake_level_10_1-396x480It’s a concept PC case designed with help from BMW Designworks, they call it the Level10

There is no word on how much it will cost, but it certainly isn’t your everyday case. The entire case is centered around thermal containment, so your fast as crap hard drive doesn’t heat up your fast as crap processor.  In a normal case you’re usually just trying to vent out as much ambient heat that’s being produced by everything else in the case.

Hopefully they aren’t selling this for a ridiculous price, if they make it affordable then people will buy it, and no one will try to rip it off and make a cheesy less functional version that just skirts the law on patent infringement.

Thanks to Jim for showing me the spiffy case, and to Awesomer for reminding me to show the planet.

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