Bah.. Damn Power Supply! —

About 2 years ago I built my Quad Core monster, which is my main PC today, it’s still plenty fast for my taste.. Anyhoo… the video card fried on it, and thinking at first the issue was the powersupply, I replaced it.. which a cheapy POS PowerMAX..

That Power Supply fried last night after I think having issues for a day or so. At first I thought it was a file system issue, since I have a program called DeVeDe that sometimes creates files that juuust don’t cut the mustard.. and after a while i have to run an FSCK to sort it all out..

Luckily I don’t use that program all the time, but for what it does I think it’s a fair trade off.

So.. looks like I’m shopping for a new PSU.

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  1. mattobeans says:

    Antec…no other will suffice

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