Wedding is 6 days Away! —

We are rapidly approaching the “wedding week” here so far is the plan as far as I know:

I will be working this week from Mon – Thu.
I’m not sure on Sydney’s schedule.
On the 27th it’s her Birthday I know we have a friend coming in from out of town on Tuesday I believe.

On the 29th we will have some more friends coming in from Maryland.

On the 30th My mom and sister and such will be in town.

ON the 31st.. the wedding begins I think @ 3pm with the ceremony lasting just about an hour. After that we will probably be taking pictures.

Later that day I think @ 7:30 (check your invites people I’m in the dark in my living room typing this.. ) we will be Back at the same place we had the wedding only this time it’s a Halloween party. There will be food of some mechanization.

On the 1st we will still be in town.. no idea if we are doing anything that day or not

On the 2nd.. we fly to Japan.

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