My Monster Liiiiiives and The Wedding is now.. 2 days away! —

A few random things in my post 🙂 Tomorrow is my last day till the wedding @ work.

The wedding is 2 days NOT including today… and the actual wedding day.. if you wanna count those then.. 4 days?

We are Psyched.. we have as I understand it.. everything falling into plan, and we are all just excited for it to happen 🙂

It was Sydney’s birthday last night, and we went out to the Oven which is a spiffy Indian restaurant she really loves thats downtown. I’m a little groggy this morning because when I go there I have to take a Benedryl, I eat weird food.. all the time.. but somehow once when I went to the over I found some spice I’m allergic too, and broke out in hives.. still it’s great food, so I’ll be fine with the anitihistamine powahs of Benedryl.

My power supply arrived yesterday and it was a pleasure to install it. I took time to dust out my PC with a small brush, and vacuum up a little. What a difference, it’s pretty clear the old PS was underpowered.. and quite louder than the new one.. I’m very pleased with this new one. 🙂 I’m happy to have my Monster back, it was hard using my old beat up G4 PowerMac and my Beater to dink around with while it was down..

I guess this means they are destined for the “hand me down pile” as soon as I can afford to replace them.

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