The Wedding —

I’m posting this on GLT and RF.

So the Plans are like this: If you’ve gotten your invite coolio.. if you haven’t and you are coming.. please for the love of god call me or email me. 402-580-3672

The wedding will be @ The Del Ray Ball Room which is located here:
817 R Street Lincoln NE 68508

There are 2 events:

3pm – Wedding. Please wear clothes you’d wear to a wedding 🙂 (this will last about an hour)

7:30pm – Halloween Party – Just please don’t let your costume be nudest, we’d appreciate. The party could last until midnite and I’m understanding will have cartered hors d’œuvres (yeah I had to look up how to spell it.)

There is no alchohol. There will be music (live and dj)

If you need any info please call my phone.

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