Japan! Day 6 – Bullet Train to Kyoto —

We started our morning trying to figure out just how to get to Kyoto.. since our next 4 nights will be there..

We visited the Shinjuku Train Station and asked only to see the ticket office was there, then we talked to the people at the hotel and they advised we take the subway to Shinegawa to board the Bullet Train. The Bullet Train was expensive.. and maybe it was the day and our seats, but it was certainly effing Fast..

I took some pics from the window.. and I made a Video.

It moves about 300km per hour.. which is like.. a freaking jet plane.. and nothing zooms by faster than another Bullet Train in the opposite direction.. it’s a blur of white and Blue.

When we arrive in Kyoto we took some pictures, not many we are tired and want to rest before we figure this whole Kyoto thing out.


Kyoto was once the seat of power in Japan for almost 1000 years.. before they got all westernized in the “Mieji Period” and moved the seat of power to Edo which is now Tokyo, so Kyoto is the Oldest city I’ve ever visited.

We are making our plans in the AM and will have some more pics tomorrow, we will probably make slower cheaper arrangements for our return to Tokyo next week, the Bullet Train was cool, but super pricey.

As usual, for the rest of the pics I took today look here:

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