Japan! Day 7 – Kyoto Imperial Palace —

Kyoto is an Old City.. in the 8th Century it was made the Capitol of Japan and home to the Imperial Palace thanks to Emperor Kammu and in the 11th Century renamed to Kyoto.. it remained the home of all of Japan’s Imperial family until the 1860’s when Emperor Meiji (who is the person buried at a location we visited in Tokyo) moved the capitol to Tokyo, if you’ve ever seen the movie or read the book “The Last Samurai” this was part of the events prior to the story. Anyhoo.. today we visited the old Imperial Palace sadly we were unable to enter, due to you apparently having to have permission ahead of time, and we didn’t know that, and were at that point too tired to ask 🙂 however we did take many pictures outside the temple, and walked around our hotel a little.. and then.. we slept.. like LOGS..

We did take some neat pictures today:



Today’s Pictures are here:

Tomorrow we have a full day planned:
We are Visiting Toji Temple which is the home of the tallest wooden pagoda in Japan
We are then visiting Nijo Castle which is a castle built by the Tokogawa Shogunate and in 1867 the last Tokogawa Shogun surrendered there and Emperor Meiji was in attendance.
We will then at some point visit a part of the City called Gion which is home to two hanamachi which are Geisha Neighborhoods. The ladies here dress in full Giesha dress, keep in mind these women are artists and not prostitutes.. in the west we have a bad image of them.

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