Japan! Day 9 – more Gion —

We woke up to rain today, which makes you not want to go anyplace.. especially when you are travelling in a foreign land.. still.. we decided to risk it, and headed to Gion again to catch anything we missed.

We saw 2 more Shrines and a whole lot more Gion.


We ran into this impressive set of steps which eventually led us to…


A Very Large Statue:

Then we went back thru Gion…


And visited many shops..

(nothing like a neko-basu plate huh?)

Then we ran into a very old Temple compound.. the crowd was pretty thick even for a rainy day, but this place had a building that was over 1000 years old.. so we understand the attraction.


At this point Sydney and I were like a couple of drowned rats, even tho we both had umbrellas.. we are now safe in our warm dry hotel.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Kyoto and take the Shinkensen back to Tokyo for 2 more nights.

Todays Photos as always can be found here:

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