Kill Your Cable! —

I recently looked at my cable bill and then looked at the amount of time I spend watching TV and decided it was just too expensive.

I had:

a Tivo, which cost me about $18 a month

Digital Cable with 2 movie channel packages which cost me about another $100 per month.

Interwebs which cost me about $45 a month.

I can’t live without internet. Sorry.. so it had to stay.. So I took inventory.. what do I watch?
I watch anime.. which you can’t really find on cable much anyhow.
I watch AOTS, but only the first part.. aaaand thats it.
Occasionally I’d watch random things.. but it was only out of boredom.

Soooo.. Goodbye cable..and subsequently, Tivo and  hello IPTV.

Since everything I wanna watch is already online.. I’ll just attach a decent PC to my TV and do it that way.. then have a wireless keyboard and mouse. I may also get a 9$ Netflix subscription which would allow me to stream something like 17,000 titles… which I think would be worth a try $9 is cheap you know?

Alternatively I could have also gotten both a Roku Player (for internet streaming) and an Asus O!Play which allows you to stream content from your Home Network. but I need more than both.. and in my case it’s only a couple of hundred more to build a PC.. I can do what I need with Linux anyhow.

Truth is.. I’m just going to be an early adopter on this.. i don’t mind ads in my TV, but I don’t need to pay a bazillion dollars a year for it. All communication even TV will eventually be over the internet… may as well start going that way now.

h10-backI loves me some hulu.

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