How Todd’s Xmas went. —

Went pretty well, but I figured I’d get more in depth with how it went.  I live in Lincoln NE, but commute to Omaha NE daily, on Thursday we had bad weather so I left work early and drove back thru the snow home to our new House.  After I arrived I was told since the snow would be bad we should just pack clothes and spend the night @ the in-laws since it would be really bad that night.

So we packed up,  headed over,  ate dinner and hit the hay pretty early.. I did notice my in laws have an ancient router which I simply will have to replace asap.. it’s 802.11b.. and uses WEP… the only thing that makes it secure at the moment it the signal strength is so weak it’s only broadcasting about 25 feet.  The next morning.. the snow was unbelievable.. about a foot and a half had fallen that night, more snow than I’ve ever seen.. ever ever.  We did the presents thing and got some great framed photo’s and a really nice Mirror and some tools.. all great things we can use in our new house 🙂

With snow up to our knees we decided to settle in for the night again and try to leave on Saturday.

On Saturday we awoke to even more snow.. with the wind blowing it around there were 4 to 8 foot snow drifts in some spots.. so fun.. Sydney called in to work and we (all of us) cleared out the snow in the drive way there, only to see that the road was impassable to a car like my little Neon.  After lunch a very nice neighbor drove us home in his 4WD which still slid around a bit, and when we got to our driveway we were greeted with about 3 feet of snow right at the front of the driveway.  Oh also.. I had brought some disposable razors with me just in case.. and tried to shave my head (I shave my head.. with a razor.. lol) anyhow.. never again.. my head looked like I was freaking Darth Vader with no Helmet on when I was done.. I have to have 5 band-aids to stop the carnage.

As luck would have it our neighbor was leaving and she gave us the # to a guy down the street who plows driveways for a pretty reasonable price.  He got us cleared out and we had a snow free path to our house but were down one car.

We didn’t feel like going anyplace so instead we unpacked! Once we got to bed Saturday, we had a presentable house.. we even sat down and watched some Futurama.

On Sunday Morning we had some pretty mean Cabin Fever..  so we made a list of what we need for the new house.. and we ventured out and purchased some small rugs, new locks, some shower curtains, a bookshelf.. stuff like that.  Turned out to be an expensive trip, but it was all stuff we have to have.  On the way back home we retrieved my car from her folks house and when I got home I built some furniture and installed locks and felt in general very home-ownerish.

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