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I upgraded my main pc to Linux Mint 8 KDE from Mint 7 this past weekend.. I also finally got my second drive working which for some reason or another a previous attempt sort of failed at.. I took a “scorched earth” approach at fixing the issue.. I booted to a DOS cd and used debug.exe to recreate the first sector of both drives.. making them effectively blank. After that I installed mint on one Disk, and from within the OS formatted and mounted the other drive.

After this I set moved my files off my backup drive that I was rsyncing to the last 6 months.. and setup my printers and saned to share my scanner with my macs.. and then I got bored! I’ve actually been bored alot latley.. so I decided to start playing WoW again..

After spending a bit getting WoW installed on a laptop I have I moved the installation over to the Linux box.. because it runs fine in WINE, it just doesn’t install very nicely.. I’ll only be playing a couple of nights a week.. usually when boredom sets in. Its got this great new way to get into pug groups that keeps the waiting really low, that I like.. I’m more of an instance guy than a PVP guy…

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