Configuring Guarddog for Linux —

My wife is heading out of town this morning to visit friends,  once she gets there she already knows they don’t have any kind of a wireless router or access point in their home so she took with her our handy dandy Linksys Wireless G Router that we use at home.. So.. I’m without a firewall.

So.. even tho I’m using Linux I’m no dummy..  although I’m not worried about spyway I have shares on this machine that behind the router were available to the whole network.

Guarddog is an “easy” to use front end for the firewall iptables that you can find in many distributions of Linux.  It just so happens to be installed on LinuxMint 8 which is the one I use.   I visited the website for Guarddog and used this tutorial and setup a basic configuration.

Maybe later this weekend I’ll put together a PC firewall and see how well that works out.

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