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I moved to FL, and got Comcast.. and my comcast doesn’t like to keep my IP the same.. I have a domain and while in Nebraska under Time Warner.. my IP address more or less stayed the same for years only changing once.. but here, no such luck.. and I need to pretty much dial home on occasion.. and I’ll explain how I do that later.. but anyhow.. whats a boy to do??

I hope you’ve heard of, they allow you to create a free subdomain address then use some software, in tis case ddclient on ubuntu, to feed it what your ip is.

So Step 1: go to and make at least a free account, and decide whatever you want your domain to be.. mine will be something like..

(not really me k?)

once done on your Ubuntu.. you need to install ddclient

sudo apt-get install ddclient

during installation you will see a configuration menu.


And thats it, ddclient should push your dynamic ip to dyndns.. so that you can use DNS to sort out what your IP is even when you are away from home.


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