Cussin the Sci Fi Way. —

I loooooves me some sci fi.. and I thought I’d express my love for Cussing also.. by embracing Science Fiction that develops or extends upon Language.


Battlestar Gallactica (the newish one and the oldish one)

Frack is more or less the word Fuck. I don’t recall any other words they may use but they really really like the Frack in the newish one..


Frell is also Fuck.

Dren is Shit.


Gorram = God Damn

And pretty much everything else is in Chinese like..

Yi Da Tuo Da Bian = A big pile of shit.

Go shi = Shit

Chwen = Dumbass

There are more here :

Is this all? Heck no..

Star Wars has the word PooDoo, it’s Huttese, and means Shit, presumably Bantha Shit.

Red Dwarf had the word Smeg, which is like the Smurf of Cusswords..

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy listed the most horrific cuss word to ever be spoken is “Belgium”, also if you are a Vl’urg then saying “I seem to be having tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle” is so bad it can start a war.. with Death Floatilla.

So there.. I have to go do some Frelling work now before my Smegging Boss gets mad that I’m playing on the Frakking internet.



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