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Recycle Bins and Citrix. —

We have an application we use at work alot thru a somewhat oldish version of Citrix. The app moves some data to the recycle bin when it’s done with it, but since it’s used via the web portal of the machine, the user doesn’t really have an easy way to empty it out. You can […]

Upgrading my Linux.. —

I’ve been using Linux at home as my desktop now for over a year, and in that time I’ve grown to love it.. and learned to live with upgrading it frequently.. in the windows and mac world you may keep a version of an OS for the life of the machine.. this is why many […]

Restarting a Remote Session —

I’ve been administering and supporting Windows machines for a very very long time, and since Windows XP, it’s shipped with a Remote Client which you should all be familiar with if you are in any sort of similar position.   There is another Remote Client called “Remote Assistance.” If you search windows help you can search […]