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Sane & Debian 6 —

Sane is the Scanner Access Now Easy is an open source project for Unix that you can use to share an imaging device over a network. It’s not encumbered by much security and is sparse on it’s options, but if you can get it working, you can use one scanner device as your only scanner […]

<3 XKCD —

This was titled “Linux User @ Best Buy” I was playing around with the CLI page that XKCD put up on April Fools.. and I ran accross this when looking at random comics. A few months ago I was pinged by my companies security dept, I had sent a blank xls document to a gmail […]

Upgrading my Linux.. —

I’ve been using Linux at home as my desktop now for over a year, and in that time I’ve grown to love it.. and learned to live with upgrading it frequently.. in the windows and mac world you may keep a version of an OS for the life of the machine.. this is why many […]