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I <3 The Gimp —

The GIMP is an Open Source Image Editor similar to Adobe’s Photoshop, in many ways it is as good as PS especially for the things that most people may do with it.. and especially for the Price as Gimp is Open it is Free. I recently found a set of Podcasts by a German Teacher […]

Woo! Linux Hulu Client! —

Hulu, which is pretty much shaping up to be part of the future of IPTV as we know it, released a client for Linux.  They released 64 and 32 bit client packages for Ubuntu and Fedora based Distros.  I tested it on Linux Mint 7 which is a fork of Ubuntu. It’s Pretty Solid. I […]

Speeding up Firefox —

I stumbled upon an article about speeding up Linux and found some options that work on Frefox regardless of platform, I figured I’d repeat these easy options here: Step #1 in the Firefox Address Bar type about:config and press enter. You’ll see a warning message.  It will say things like “This might void your Warranty!” […]