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RIP Kitty. :( —

Before I had kids.. I had a cat.. In 1996 my then girlfriend Christy and I were visiting her mother and this little cat just would not leave us alone.. her mom said “she needs a good home take her.” ┬áso I did. ┬áPrior to Christy and I having Sarah, Kitty was more or less […]

WoW: The Return Of Onyxia? —

According to Blizzards WoW Site in patch3.2.2, the Onyxia encounter will be upgraded to a 10 man regular instance and 25 man Heroic instance.. Back in the old old content days I probably helped kill Onyxia so many times I can’t guess how many of her heads I’ve seen, and I have the hide bag […]

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm —

So.. I wrote before that it’s been speculated that WoW would continue to add expansions till you get to level 110, and now with Wrath of the Lich King being a year old and the majority of players at 80, it’s about time for them to announce the next xpac. if you know your history […]