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Perhaps its because people tell you that you “Have to have Office” or.. that you can’t open some files without it.. the fact remains.. MS Office is expensive.. and with every upgrade it never seems like you are getting your money’s worth.

MS Office isn’t Free.. the student / teacher version is over $100 and some versions are far more expensive.. it also introduces closed standards.. and very few features in every new release (at the very least.. ones you are likley to use.)

Here are a couple of  FREE Alternatives to MS Office. – easily the best, this set of programs runs on any OS and is completley free and open source. It is compatible for the most part with all native office formats.

Lotus Symphony – I can’t say I’ve used this application, but it’s from IBM and seems pretty promising.. I’ll have to give it a shot sometime.

Google Docs – this is “cloud computing” essentially you create your files and edit and store them online.. this works out better than you’d think

Don’t need a Full Office Suite? Just need something like Word?

AbiWord – it’s pretty old school.. but it’s a good word processor.

If you take inventory of what you do online on with a PC these day’s it’s easy to see you spend less time in an application and more time using a browser..  this is easily a sign of things to come.

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