MST3k!! #BringBackMST3K —

I’m a huge huge..  mystie.. I have been since maybe season 2?  I was young.. I don’t remember when I started watching.. but Comedy Central and SciFi were both young at the time..  anyhow.. I’m super excited to see that this might happen.. and I really really want another MST3k season. So much that I’m willing to support it.

Don’t know what MST3k is? Well.. I want to explain it.. but I dont really.. nothing else ever came out at the time to challenge it.. and even tho with Rifftrax and other post Mike / Joel / Other MST3k member products.. they didn’t have the magic of Mike, Joel and the bots.  If you really want to see what it’s about.. On Turkey Day.. go here.. MST3k on Youtube

Anyhow… I’ve gotten my family sucked into it.. they have a favorite.. it’s the Final Sacrifice.. the worst thing to ever come out of canada..

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