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I’m doing a little labwork and wanted to post this really for nothing other than to assist with my remembering it, and hey.. maybe you might find it helpful. Typically whenever I need DHCP I turn to an OS to do that for me, if AD is involved, I’m using Windows, if it’s not I’ll use Linux.  But if you have neither, but do have a Cisco Router, never fear it can do that for you.  Here is our lab, consisting of a single router, a switch, and 3 workstations:


Our IP address range for this lab is and we want to reserve ip range – but allow the rest be available for our pool.

My fake PC clients are all set to DHCP.

Step one: Assign an interface on the router for the network.
dhcptest(config)#int fa 0/0
dhcptest(config-if)#description inside
dhcptest(config-if)#ip address
dhcptest(config-if)#no shut

Step two: Reserve your IP’s that you wish to exclude from your pool.

dhcptest(config)#ip dhcp excluded-address

Step three: Create your pool, in our test we are naming our pool “inside” but you may name yours whatever you want.

dhcptest(config)#ip dhcp pool inside
dhcptest(dhcp-config)# network

Step four: check your dhcp binding

dhcptest#sho ip dhcp binding
IP address Client-ID/ Lease expiration Type
Hardware address 0060.7098.9145 -- Automatic 00D0.BCA1.3A33 -- Automatic 0060.2F5A.3953 -- Automatic 000A.4143.6916 -- Automatic

Here is a link to Cisco’s Guide on DHCP, with cooler options than mine..
Cisco DHCP

Note, I used packet tracer, and in my version, I couldn’t set a second DNS server, but the documentation tells me I can set 8.  😀

Here is a Link to the Packet Tracer File I used:


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