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I have in my home a Monster.. ok fine I call it the tuxMonster.. it’s a PC i built in 2007, and while you can say it’s specs are vanilla now, at the time they weren’t so bad.
Anyhoo.. when I built it I also purchased a copy of Windows Vista 64 bit to run on it. I defend Vista, it was a decent OS, and only slightly annoying with the User Access Control, and in general was a better OS than XP, especially on a beefy enough machine.

Not that I was unhappy with it.. but I’ve wanted to switch to Linux full time at home for a long long time.. but I play WoW, my Mac is a slow ass G4, and well.. Linux Desktops just weren’t up to what I wanted.
This Summer I installed Linux Mint, which is a Ubuntu / Debian based distribution, on a laptop I affectionately call “The Beater”.. and since then.. I’ve been in Love.

00In the past when I’ve installed Linux the very first things I’d do would be to: Install Flash, Java, codecs if needed, a few apps here and there, usually about an hour or so of work, and sometimes it would or wouldn’t work.. Mint does it just like I’d do it. So.. I put Linux Mint 6 in a “dual boot” sort of setup on my Monster, then tried WoW under Wine when I had it setup the way I wanted.. and guess what.. perfect. This weekend I’ve removed Windows, and freshly installed Linux Mint 7 KDE edition on the Monster.. and it’s running smoothly and with no issues.. Oh.. and in the event I need to run some windows app that won’t run in Wine.. I have XP running in Virtual Box.

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