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Scanning for the “Rometo Family Picture Project” is done.

So around-ish February.. when I was full on Florida.. we asked Sydney’s folks to give us the huge box of unorganized photos they have so I could scan them and put them online.

The task was daunting.. but here is how I overcame: Batch scanning. I used Linux, or course, and scanned the full width and breadth of my scanner at 600 dpi which was it’s max resolution, I later lowered it to 300 since the quality of the scan was beating the quality of the print by a very wide margin.  I’d scan “sets” into X-Sane, then seperate them using Gimp.

I’m happy to say.. that this weekend after months of not really working on it at all.. I completed the scanning part of the project, right now I’m separating the pictures and then they will be available in the Family Gallery.  I’m not entirely certain how many pictures there will be total, but I scanned in about 800 this weekend.


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