Speeding up Firefox —

I stumbled upon an article about speeding up Linux and found some options that work on Frefox regardless of platform, I figured I’d repeat these easy options here:

Step #1 in the Firefox Address Bar type about:config and press enter. You’ll see a warning message.  It will say things like “This might void your Warranty!” click the “I’ll be careful” ad don’t be a Nancy.  (my apologies to my Aunt Nancy.. I’m not insinuating you are lame.)

Step #2 Search for the following “values” and change them (Double clicking on them will allow you to change them)

Search for the item on the left Change to the value on the right
network.dns.disableIPv6  FALSE
network.http.pipelining  TRUE
network.http.proxy.pipelining  TRUE
http.pipelining.maxrequests to 8 instead of 4

Step #3 Right click anyplace in the body of the config and select “new” and then “integer” then create the following entries (whats on the left is the “name of the integer” the number is the “value”)

content.notify.backoffcount 5
nglayout.initialpaint.delay  0
ui.submenuDelay  0

Step #4 Restart Firefox

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