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Ok so not alot of pictures about this day, mainly due to the fact that Day 1 was all us travelling. We or rather um.. I had the bright idea that staying up late and sleeping on the plane would be a great idea, and it worked out fine for Sydney, but I was sadly unable to sleep on the plane.. so during about hour 37 of me being awake I was very very exhausted.

We started our day by leaving the house @ 3:45 and then getting to the airport, as our flight left @ 7am we had time to spare and that was good. We flew to Houston Texas (during which I think i was able to doze off breifly) and then left for Japan around 10:45. They let us know that the flight plan changed, and that it would only take 13.5 hours instead of the 15 the ticket said.

The Plane

The plane was HUGE. And it was spiffy, it had plugs for our laptops, and the seats had built in entertainment systems that played games and movies (new release ones too) and tv shows, even had a built in phone so is I just HAD to talk to someone, i could spend the 6$ a minute to do so. During the flight whatever they are using for storage for the movies became unresponsive and had to be rebooted, and low and behold.. the little in seat entertainment systems all run Linux 🙂 I love seeing open source in the wild.

Linux in the Wild

When we arrived after 13 hours at Narita Airport I was already randomly dozing off, Japanese folks.. are very international people.. I could only imagine a few places in the world that are like Tokyo, we hopped off the planes and just like Cis said, everything was in English. We blazed thru customs and had our passports stamped and then found our way to the Train to Shinjuki, Tokyo, which is where we are staying. We bought our tickets and i told Sydney that this was my first ever train ride. Once we arrived in Shinjuku we were a bit lost and headed the wrong way out of the train station, a nice guy noticed us and came over to help and pointed us int he right direction to our hotel, he didn’t speak good english, but his english was better than my Japanese thats for damn sure.

The hotel is a MATCHBOX rofl.. i kind of expected it to be tiny, but it’s certainly very Japanese, It’s functional, compact, and very very very clean. I crashed hard at about 7pm Tokyo time and then of course woke up @ 3am ha ha.. but thats better than I expected!

I’ll post day 2 as soon as it happens..

More Pics are here

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