Japan: Day Two! —

We looked around Shinjuku today to get a feel for Japan, no real sightseeing we just wanted to know more about, where the subway was, and how to get lunch.

We did take more pictures, and managed to not get lost, we found Shibuya which is near Shinjuku. We visited the McDonalds here (one of many) and took note that they have a HUGE smoking section. I think lots of people in Japan must smoke it’s not somthing we see in restaurants and well.. anyplace back home.

Here is a link to Yesterday’s pictures:

I also made a video about our Super Toliet :

Today (which is our 3rd day) we are headed to Akihibara. Which will be our first subway ride. The subway here is super complicated. But with the help of the guides we brought and I think we will manage.


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