Japan Day 4! – Harijuku, Shibuya, and Meiji Shrine —

So today we are WORN OUT. We went to Harijuku Station and saw the Meiji Shrine which is the resting place of Japanese Emperor Meiji who died in the early parts of the last century, it was bombed during WW2 and then rebuilt in 1957. I went in and bowed to the Shinto priests even tho that felt a little awkward, I figured, when else am I going to be at a temple like this right?

Meiji Shrine

Also on the way to to Yoyogi Park which is more or less adjacent to the Shrine we ran into our first squat toliet!
Isn’t is Glorious? (no I didn’t try to use it.)

We went to the opposite side of the Train station and found ourselves in Harijuku, it’s like what akihibara is to the Otaku in Japan but only to the Fashion minded teenager. Tokyo is like Paris on this side of the world, but Harijuku is like this weird Hot Topic, People stand on the Bridge over the train station and pose wearing the most ridiculous things, sadly we were too early for that, we showed up right when the shops opened.


We walked around for ever.. and got many many pictures.. and around this time realized we were no longer in Harijuku but in fact in Shibuya when we saw this:


We made our way back to the train station after deciding we were freaking exhausted, and hungry.. so after getting lunch near the Hotel in Shinjuku we ventured back to out to an even more crowded Harijuku, which we might go to again today..


We stopped by Akiba again to buy a little more stuff, then ate a Japanese Hamburger (odd, but good) and then headed home.


We are now.. Worn the crap OUT.. I’m going to try to get us to the Imperial Palace today.. maybe Harijuku later.. I dunno depends on how cramped up and owwie our legs and back feel.. I asked Sydney if she’s ever walked this much and she said “Yes, in Europe.” which means America is not fat because of the food.. we are fat because we drive absolutely everywhere lol

Rest of the pics are here

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