Japan! Day 5 – Ginza and a little more Harajuku —

We kept it light today.. we have been BUSHED since yesterday hardcore and wanted to take it as easy as possible.

We took the subway (once we found it) to Ginza which is a shopping area in Tokyo.

We saw much Hello Kitty.


Once we figured out “Hey Ginza just isn’t for us” we split, and headed to Harajuku and spent some time at a Very Very large Toy Store called Kiddy World.

You will never guess what we saw there:


Thats right.. More Hello Kitty.

Seriously tho this was some kind of Toy Store, 5 Floors, coolest stuff you ever saw.


Yes FCUK is a real store in Tokyo the FC means French Connection, the UK means the Japanese have a sense of humor.

SO we departed Harajuku and headed home.. we purchased an outfit for Sydney to cosplay in.. very nice.. and no you get no pics.


Harajuku Station

Rest of the pics are here:

Tomorrow we are taking the Bullet Train to Kyoto and our Adventure begins again.. we are there for 4 nights, then back in Tokyo for another 2 then Back on our way to the States on Saturday, which is going to be the longest Saturday of my life, as I will get an extra 15 hours of it than you will, LOL.

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