Japan Day 10 – No Pics Today, sorry :P —

No my Camera is fine:

I am Sick. yesterday I was sneezing and coughing my brains out, and we had to travel, so when we DID emerge from the Bullet Train in Shinigawa Station, all I wanted was Hotel, Food, then Sleep. Once we got to the hotel we took a trip to Harijuku for Dinner and some shopping and then I think after that we came here and watched some Anime, then I passed out..

NOW.. before anyone sez “omg you have H1N1!!” no. What I have I got from Sydney who got it from Ashleigh so if anyone is a Pariah over here it’s me 😛 I had to wear a face mask yesterday because you do that when you are sick, some nice old lady I helped on the bullet train noticed I was sick and handed me oranges.. she was bringing her Dad who was also visibly ill someplace on the train.

Sydney’s pattern went like this:

Stuffy Nose. I think I’m getting sick ->

I can’t Breath, I am sick. ->

I CAN breath, but now I’m really really thirsty. ->

I’m not sick.

and that took like 2 days. I’m up at 4 am and I just drank a bottle of green tea.. I am seriously thinking about another and I’ve been up about 10 minutes. 🙂 I’m just hoping I don’t have to wear a mask tomorrow.. it fogs up my glasses when I breath and that kind of keeps me from seeing anything.

Oh wells.. we are gonna be all over Tokyo tomorrow, shopping.. seeing things for the last time.. She wants to come back next year with her Sister, which I’m totally cool with, I would love to make a trip to Japan every few years or so. I’d love to learn the language, I could squeek by in Europe, since the languages are all very similar to our own, but here it’s night and day with a little day added.. Like they have english words mixed in to Japanese and sometimes even spelled with “Romanji” which are english characters, but.. they are pronounced the way they talk here.. so even if you hear it, you might not hear what they are saying.

Yesterday when we are on the Shinkensen, we were sitting next to a Japanese man in hist early 40’s. Just after we left he asked (in very good english) “Where are you from?” and we talked, he had been to California, and loved the US. Later on I switched seats with Sydney for better access to the bathroom (you do NOT.. sneeze in public here. You do not COUGH or FART either.. you take it someplace else… just an FYI.) She was practicing her Japanese, she had some text files she had written out in Japanese and was writing what they say in english under them. He looked and said “You are doing very very good.” In the train station later I told her that the truth is, she is brilliant, but lacks confidence. Then I told her “I am also probably very smart, but I too lack confidence, and I also lack great amounts of common sense.”  By the way.. if you people didn’t already know.. I love my lady.. I think she’s just 3 bags full of fantastic.. and I couldn’t be happier to have her as my Mrs Wittenmeier.

I will have some pics tomorrow.. and maybe of Narita when we leave.. we are bummed to go Japan is beautiful and incredibly freaking clean.. if you have heard nightmare stories of people visiting Asian countries and coming home with crazy diseases and whatever.. come to Japan.. It’s safe.. It’s cleaner than any city you have EVER been to in the US., and the people here are very nice to you.

Oh one last thing, the anime we were watching was “Welcome to the NHK” which is just great, but you really have to understand the Japanese in order to get it.. and it really helped that we’d been here for 2 weeks.  What was probably the coolest was that some of the neighborhoods like Yoyogi which is right where we are staying, were recognizable.. very very fun. 🙂  Very adult tho… -T

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