Japan Day 11.. Shopping.. —

So I took a few pics, but I won’t upload them till we are back in the states, essectially on Day 11, I was getting over being sick, which did happen after a MAJOR infusion of Vitamin C and Green Tea..

We went shopping in Akihibara and Harajuku, and a little walking around in Shibuya. I tried to convince Sydney to come with me into “Condomania” but she wouldn’t lol.. oh well..

On the way home I bought a drink which I thought was just Grape Juice, but said “Aloe and Grape” on it..

Yeah.. I took a drink.. and in my mouth went a glob of chewy aloe.. followed by grape juice.. the most disgusting thing I’ve ever had in my life.. all I had to say was “F***ing Japanese!” yeah.. OK so I love Japan but some of the food and drinks are downright too alien to enjoy, country is great.. and I love *most* of the food.. I think it’s like the dancing octopus and the aloe drinks I can’t stand.

I am typing this out on Day 12 since we are leaving Shinjuku around 11am and taking the train to Narita and hanging out in the Airport till 4pm.. with no interwebs (probably), we will then be on a Continental Flight C06 from Narita to Houston. We will be in the air for just about 12 hours. When we leave it will be 5pm 11/14 Tokyo Time, then we get to travel back in “time” and arrive in Houston @ about 2pm 11/14.. yeah… and to us it will feel like 5am and not 2pm.. work on monday is going to SUCK.

We are then hanging out at the HOUSTON airport.. for freaking 4 hours.. and leaving @ 6pm-ish local time there and arriving in Omaha Neb about 8pm.. which means.. home is about 9:45.. probably.. and Saturday for us will have lasted about 39 hours.. holee crap.. and 8 of that we get to spend in an airport.. another 12 in a plane.. oh boy am I EVER looking forward to today! lol

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