Goodbye Psystar.. —

Ok so I’ll put some info in here if you’ve NOT been following along to help you catch up.

Apple PC’s run the Mac OS, and up until a few years ago used different style processors than you’d find in your garden variety PC.  As they were not getting as many of those as they needed they switched to the same style.. but decided that even tho the Mac OS *could* run on garden variety PC hardware, they didn’t really want it too, unless they made it.. Apple is a hardware company, and they don’t want you putting OS X on a PC you didn’t get from them.

So.. everyone knew it was just a matter of time till someone hacked it.  You may now (if you are geeky enough) make whats now called a Hackintosh, which is a non apple PC running Apples OSX, and thats fine.. the world can accept a few thousand people who secretly and anonymously do that… But what Psystar did was just stupid.

A couple of years ago Psystar just decided to start selling PC’s preinstalled with OSX, and that is a Big Effing No No.  I can remember my reaction when I first heard about this.. stroke of genius.. I’ll replay it for you:

Random Person: “What do you think about Psystar?”

Me: “Those people are stupid.. someone is probably going end up in Jail.”

I was close.. so Psystar has been ordered to pay something like 3 million to Apple and it looks like they may have only sold about 800 units running OSX,  not the “12 Million” they said they’d sell this year when they wooed investors.  They wanted to keep this piece of software they wanted to sell to allow people to install OSX , but uh.. yeah it looks like the judge told em no on that too.

So.. what lesson can you learn from this people with crazy ideas?

Just because you can get away with it being a random anonymous person doesn’t mean you can make money off it.

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  1. Denis says:

    That is a really good point. And I like that you clraely state your goal, and that your goal is about the communication rather than about Being Right, or having it done in your native idiom, or anything like that. It can be tricky to make that space, too. Worth it, though, in my experience. But tricky, if I don’t know their codes and their sets of meanings; sometimes I invite in a way that shuts things down. Still, when it works out well, I learn things I never knew and would never have guessed.(And I want to say something here about how an acquaintance learned what a little kid who lived next to her was communicating, when he did things she didn’t understand. She would be working in her garden, and he would come and get down next to her, facing the same way she was, kneeling parallel to her, and not say anything, and never look her directly in the eye. She’s white; he’s from the tribes. He was asking to learn how to garden from her, to be allowed to hang out and watch intently and learn and then maybe participate when she judged that he was getting the hang of it. He was being extremely respectful, especially by the “not looking her directly in the eye” thing, or so it has been explained to me. Once she knew that, I think things went pretty well there, though I do not recall hearing the final outcome. Still, the story stuck in my mind as an excellent example. I’m glad she had the wit to ask somebody else to explain it, and to understand the explanation and work with it, rather than attempting to convert the kid to what she thought would be easier. They would have missed a lot of gardening time, if she had done that.)

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