Restarting a Remote Session —

I’ve been administering and supporting Windows machines for a very very long time, and since Windows XP, it’s shipped with a Remote Client which you should all be familiar with if you are in any sort of similar position.   There is another Remote Client called “Remote Assistance.”

If you search windows help you can search for “Offer remote assistance”  and this will allow you to see a users desktop the way they see it.

On occasion you may need to restart a machine when you are remoted in. Alas when connected with Offer Remote Assistance you have no restart option.

You can open a command console (start > run > cmd)  then type

shutdown -r

and a small countdown windows will open and the machine will shutdown in 30 seconds.

Pretty Elementary.. but good to know in a pinch.

Here is a good link with some shutdown.exe switches

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