Windows 7: First Impression —

I’ve only been using this a couple of hours, and I do like it, but it’s not completley blown me away, here are some changes I’ve noticed and a pic for you of the desktop:

desktopIf you are wondering when you can get Windows 7 you have to wait to actually BUY it later this year (no date set). I’m using whats called a “Release Candidate” which means it’s out of Beta, and this *might* be the finished product.  Not that many of you know it, Microsoft has a good track record of giving pre-release versions to the General Public as part of the development process.

The first thing you’d notice about 7 is it’s Fast.. alot faster than Vista.. I’m using it on a 1.6 ghz laptop that i call “The Beater” and it’s running smooooth.. so it would be at home on an older machine (as long as they make it cheap enough)

The second thing is the change to the start bar, in Vista the “Start Button” was replaced with just the windows logo, same here, except they melded the old “Quicklaunch” toolbar, and the startbar, and made something that amounts to a Dock.. (COUGH… OSX….. COUGH)  Still I love docks, i use Rocket Dock on Windows machines, and AWN on Linux… and I’d rather if they were gonna steal somthing they’d have made it look the same lol

Drivers in the RC are spotty, some old ones have to be downloaded, it’s good at locating some that are compatible once it has internet.  The Beater is a Dell D600 laptop, so it’s not some weird piece of equipment.. still tho.. no sound yet.

I’m only going to use this OS for a week.. then I’m done.. Linux Mint 7 RC1 is out and thats my personal fav now.


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