RIP Kitty. :( —

Before I had kids.. I had a cat..

In 1996 my then girlfriend Christy and I were visiting her mother and this little cat just would not leave us alone.. her mom said “she needs a good home take her.”  so I did.  Prior to Christy and I having Sarah, Kitty was more or less the closest thing we had to a kid..  After Sarah tho, the cat went outside..

A few years and a girlfriend later, kitty lived with me in a place or two.. but she wasn’t one to get along with other cats.. so eventually back to mom’s she went to live outside..

A couple of years ago, her health started to decline.. and a couple of weeks ago she started being treated for a growth on her face… mom made the decision to put her down this morning and she is now buried under a very nice Magnolia tree in her front yard with a very nice vew of the creek.

I will miss my cat.

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