I want a better car.. —

Not a newer car or a shinier car.. but a better car.. one that is smaller and far far more fuel efficient than the one I have..  I have the feeling that my next car (whenever I am done murdering my current one, which is a project that is currently well underway.. )  will be my last car powered by gas.   But that doesn’t mean I need to keep trucking at below 40mpg.

These 2 cars are fine examples of what I need. A super cheap.. super efficient automobile.

This is a car which may soon be manufactured in India by joint effort from Renualt-Nissan and Indian car company Bajaj. It will cost only $3,000 and get a mileage of 70mpg.

Another car is the Tata Nano. I had talked about it earlier since it was supposed to go on sale in Europe.  It’s even cheaper.. but gets less gas mileage.. they have a hybrid coming out but I have no Idea what the mpg is.

I wonder is a US car maker will be able to compete in this market and produce a car as cheaply…

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