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I’ve been using Linux at home as my desktop now for over a year, and in that time I’ve grown to love it.. and learned to live with upgrading it frequently.. in the windows and mac world you may keep a version of an OS for the life of the machine.. this is why many of you are still running OS X 10.4 and Windows XP.. they cost you money, and you got your machine with them pre-installed.  Linux moves alot faster, for one the development process (like all things Open Source) is out in the open,  so many of the distributions release frequently, somthing along the lines of 2 or 3 releases a year.

I use Mint which was begat by Ubuntu, which in turn was begat by Debian.  This weekend I’m going to move from Linux Mint 8 KDE Edition (which is based on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic) to Kubuntu 10.04 Lucid, which is an LTS release of Ubuntu running KDE.   I don’t mind using Mint at all but I feel like I’m a bit of a different user than I was a year ago.. who knows in 5 years I might be a Linux from Scratch guy.. rofl.. riiiight..

So this weekend I’ll be:

Backup up anything from my installation drive to other places.

Documenting things I may have running on my Linux box that need to be reinstalled / set up on the new installation.

Then wiping and installing. Because I don’t do upgrade installations.. EVER.

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