UltraDefrag and Little Registry Cleaner. —

If you do anything close to what I do and have to use windows alot I hope you’ve heard of these 2 programs especially when dealing with slow old machines that need some love before you pitch them in the trash.. I use Windows at home in a VM and even then with as little that i do on it I still have to defragment every so often, The open source project UltraDefrag offers alot to be free, even an offline defragmenter which can be scheduled at every boot if you really want.

Antoher program I use often is Little Registry Cleaner, it’s also open source and free or course.. and can be compared to the Windoctor that Symantec makes (or made..?) I use it on machines that have issues, often if you have some off the wall problem that might be registry corruption it may be able to find it. Keep in mind messing registry isn’t for the meek.

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