Privacy and Facebook —

I love you dear Facebook friends.. If you are on my facebook I know you. We are either related, or you and I have worked together.. or I know you some other way… But we know one another.

I’ve noticed recently that alot of you are noticing that Facebook shares your Phone Number with whoever you have set in your privacy settings.. I also notice some of you are really shocked about all this. I guess at this point I’d like to ask.. Why are you shocked?

I think you should be MORE worried about applications than about your “friends” and this information.. know why?

Some applications are made to harvest information. You do allow them access to your profile. So every little stupid application you’ve ever installed .. and I mean ever.. unless removed.. has access.

So.. don’t be surprised. Beef up your security..

Remove apps you don’t need or don’t remember.

Install an AV if you are using Windows. and Don’t use Internet Explorer.

Oh.. and uh.. google yourself. or go to a phone book website and look up your name. Your information has probably been publicly available for years.

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