OpenFire Chat Server on Debian 6 Squeeze —

I already have an Openfire chat server running on an old Dell Optiplex I keep in my basement.. I want to use this machine as development and move this server to another machine. Well.. the Print / Scanner Server seems it would be a fine place to install it.

A Few Notes:

OpenFire needs Java. I may not like Oracle but when it comes to using Java Apps I much prefer Sun Java over Open Java.. because they simply aren’t the same.

I wrote up a document on installing Java on Debian 6 here.

OpenFire is basically XMPP or Jabber.

Step 1 Navigate to the download page and download the deb file for Openfire.

Step 2 Install:

sudo dpkg -i openfire.deb

Step 3 Navigate to the script in a web browser on server port 9090

mine is

When there you will see a screen asking for your hostname..

You may see the shortname of your server, I typed in the full dns name (routable or not.)

You will then be asked what kind of Database to use, You can choose Embedded, however I made a MySQL DB already and wish to use that.

When specifying my SQL database I choose “mysql” and then I change the Database URL to jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/openfire  since my DB is on the same machine and the db name is ‘openfire’

After putting in my DB username and Password, I click next to configure the admin user. I make a password but I leave the default email address.


This will forward you to the admin page, and allow you to make users and set up options.


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  1. hosting says:

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  2. Rizal Rahman says:

    Great post! i’ve tried this on my Debian 6. And worked perfectly!

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