Bored, making Sushi.. and playing with BOINC —

www_logoso.. Years ago.. something like.. 12 years ago.. my older Sister Tracy and her husband Stas purchased a Dell PC, running at the breakneck speed of 400mhz and also had a cable internet connection.. I was soo jealous.. They had also heard about this application you could use to “Find Aliens Yo.”

This application was “SETI@Home”, if you’ve never heard of Seti, it’s a government funded effort to search for intelligent life outside our planet. What the application does specifically.. is process a tiny chunk of data for seti when you aren’t at your PC, show you the data as a screensaver, then send it back and download another piece.. the seti@home app is still around.. and no.. noone to my knowledge has seen little green men yet.

However.. the good folks at Berkley University have not stopped there.. there are OTHER projects like Rosetta can help sick people right here and right now.. all you need is a PC and an internet connection to participate.

Other projects you may Also find of interest: Milkyway@Home &

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