How to Increase the Size of a Virtual Hard Drive in VirtualBox —

I have but a wee Windows XP VM that I keep for Netflix at home.. all other machines are Linux or Mac or BSD.. I am proud of this fact. However.. I also play Wow, in Wine.. and I needed to have my VM’s Hard Drive be able to Grow in order to take the 17gb+ that I was going to pack on with the Beta for Mists of Pandaria. The installer doesn’t like Wine.. but hey.. I’m used to this..

With many VM’s you can simply resize the Hard Drive and that is fine but NOT with VirtualBox, in VB you set the size when you make the drive. So.. we have to Copy.. then we have to resize the Partition.. because I’m using XP.

What you will need:

Parted Magic I can’t say enough about how much I love thee.  You only need the ISO, no need to burn it to CD. It contains both Gparted and Clonezilla.

Step #1 Shut down your VM and make a new Hard drive that is the Size you need.

Right click on your VM and Choose Properties then Storage








Step #2 Create your new Hard Drive By Clicking the the same Icon as the Hard Drive with the little + on the (it’s the one on the Right) and then Following the Wizard.












Step #3 Mount the Parted Magic ISO as the CDRom and Boot to it.








Step #4 You should at this Point see the Parted Magic Desktop..











Step #5 Use Clonezilla to Clone the Old Drive to the New One.

















Step #6 Open Gparted, it’s on the Desktop as the Partition Editor.




You need to Choose the Drive you want in the Upper right and you are Going to Resize / Grow the Partition to consume the entire Drive.












Step #7 Now you need to shutdown Parted Magic, which will auto remove the ISO, then you can go back into the Properties of the VM again, Detach the OLD Hard Drive (note this doesn’t delete it.. and it’s probably huge.. to do that you use the Virtual Media Manager) and you set the New Hard Drive as the Primary Master on the Right.

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