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Sudo in CentOS —

I use alot of Ubuntu.. and in Ubuntu your first created user always has sudo access.. but in CentOS and in OpenSuse you do not.. so here is how to grant that access.. First in both you log in as yourself and open a terminal. You then change user to root su root Put in […]

Cheap Trick: Compiz in CentOS 5.5 —

Compiz is one of those.. things that when people see it they tend to Oooh and Aaaah It’s old.. Anyhoo.. sudo yum install compiz And restart.. When you log in Click on System > Preferences > Desktop Effects And click “Enable Desktop Effects” And you will see this: The Wobble. And this, when you press […]

CentOS 5.5 – Enabling MP3 Playback —

CentOS 5.5 is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Source RPM’s.. and is very much NOT a desktop system.. that being said it is more capable than Desktop Linux OS’s that were around when I started with Linux.. Even so.. like many Linux¬†Distributions.. CentOS doesn’t include various software packages to playback MP3’s or Flash […]