Summer Projects 2017

This summer the kids and I are going to work on a few projects, hopefully we will see these take off.

Simon – 11 Years Old

Simon loves minecraft and would really like to learn to make games. He and I are going to be working on a coding project this Summer, and we will also be building a handhel raspberry pi based retropie using sudomod’s MintyPi.

Vivien – 13 Years Old

We will 3d Print a Ukelele and she and I will both learn how to play it.

Sarah – 17 Years Old

Sarah and I will work on building a Pi / Ardiuno based Fish feeder / environment monitor.. because I rather suck at taking care of my fish tank.. and if I ever hope to have a Salt Water tank I need some tech assurances to convince the wife it’s worth the spend. 😀

Parts List for the Projects: (I’ll be posting links and build logs as we do these projects.)

Simon –

Python for Minecraft


Vivien –

Ukelele Print Instructions

Will be printed using a Prusa i3 Mk2S (Which I’m waiting for them to friggin send me)

Sarah –

Fish Commander .1

Wish us luck 😀